5 reasons to promote wellbeing in children

The importance of wellbeing in children has started to become more of a talking point in recent years. With many children suffering from things like anxiety, depression, stress, eating disorders than ever before it really is time to start looking at how we can help our young people to live a happy balanced life.

Here at The Wonderful World of Wellbeing we are passionate about promoting the wellbeing of children and young people which is why on Sunday 26th November we are hosting The Wonderful World of Wellbeing 4 Kids. A festival dedicated to promoting wellbeing in children.

5 reasons to promote wellbeing in children

  1. Confidence

Children who are encourages to focus on their wellbeing from a young age are often more confident than their peers. Children who get the time to talk about and share their feelings and opinions become accustomed to doing so in any situation. They learn from a young age that they are valued and their opinion matters which is a great confidence booster.

  1. Happiness

Happiness and learning how to be happy is different for everyone. But children who actively think about their wellbeing from a young age are often happier. The will likely be better equipped to deal with issues that could cause them unhappiness and be able to look at the bigger picture and see the positives in a situation.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is another great benefit of introducing children to wellbeing at a young age. Many children struggle with putting their feeling into words but there are many other ways of expressing these feelings which can all be part of the wellbeing process.

  1. Better relationships

Children who understand their emotions and feel happy and confident will ultimately have better relationships throughout their lives. Both with friends and family. Being able to feel empathy and offer understanding to others.

  1. Ambition

Children who are happy and confident and know their worth will believe that they can do whatever they want in life. If they have learned how to look at the bigger picture, think positivity, overcome obstacles then they will be ambitious in going after their dreams and goals.

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