The Emoji Coach : Libby’s Story

The Emoji Coach

Empowering the young to grow and transform

Libby Steggles-Ginn Is the creator of “The Emoji Coach” also known as The Liberator and is A Lightbringer to children, helping those who are lost in the dark helping them to feel happy and free and more confident. Libby works Internationally and is also qualified as an NLP Practitioner, Basic, Advanced PSYCH-K and Mindfulness Facilitator and teaches Meditation.

Working passionately, on a mission to support children, parents, and teachers to cultivate emotional well-being in today’s pressured and overwhelming world.

Libby’s expertise and experience enables her to specialise in helping them to tap into their potential by providing interactive programmes “The Emoji Kids,” “The Emoji Teachers” and “The Emoji Parents” to help and support them to access and control their emotions building their selfesteem and confidence.  Working in schools and privately on a one to one, as well as Delivering workshops.

Libby’s Intuition is on such a level that children feel like she is doing magic freeing them of their selfdoubt and beliefs. Taking the weight off their shoulders so they can feel free and happy.

“I see the good and beauty in all children and am passionate about helping kids,
young people, parents and teachers grow their self-esteem and confidence so
they can be who they truly are instead of being lost in the dark, so they can
feel happy and free and live a healthier and more resilient life.
I have the empathy and understanding to be able to connect with children as
they all deserve to believe in themselves and understand themselves. Everybody does!”

Libby has created a tool “The Emoji Chart”.

It is a fun way for children to understand, express, manage and regulate their emotions whilst feeling safe and understood. Taking the frustration out of parenting and teaching, allowing good communication to flow and building rapport within the family and classroom. Children no longer feel that they are misunderstood, and parents and teachers stop feeling like they have failed.

Libby has worked with children and youths on a one to one who has self-harmed, suffered from depression and anxiety and successfully helped them to leave it all behind and move forward to a happy and healthy life, one that they deserve.

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